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Mikael Andersson

"The boy will not survive the first month."
I survived!

"Leave him to an institution."
I came home to mom and dad at 1 year old!

"He can never learn to sit up by himself."
I quickly learned to sit up!

"He must have prostheses to look normal."
I do not use prostheses and normality is completely unimportant!

"He must not strain the body too hard because it leads to future injuries."
I have been training for 56 years now and thanks to that I have avoided injuries!

"He will have an early retirement at the age of 16".
I have worked full time for 37 years!

"You're crappy at speaking in front of an audience and can't express yourself in writing."
I have been an motivational speaker for 19 years and have written two books!

Many success stories

usually begins with


It think that is a


starting point...



For those who do not know me, it might be difficult to understand. Because I have not shared it in so many contexts. For much of my life I have thought I could not write. At least not a text that other people would be interested in or amused to read. Today I can barely understand that I have written two books.

This strong belief was founded during my time in high school when I received constant comments from those around me about how poorly I wrote. This was partly true but I would probably have benefited more from a constructive feedback and maybe a little praise and confirmation for trying anyway.


My wife Christina often told me that I should write a book. Finally, I heard what Christina was really saying and that she believed in me and my ability to write the book myself. Today I am so happy that Christina never gave up on me. She gave me the courage to break the erroneous and limiting belief I have lived with for so many years.

I wrote my autobiography "Armless, legless but not hopeless" which was published in 2009 and I discovered at the same time how fun and stimulating it is to express mysel in writing.


After a while it became a children's book too ... "How do you really do that?" was published in early 2019 and is aimed primarily at children, but is at the same time designed so that adults may enjoy it. I want us as adults to reflect on what we say both privately and publicly. W hat values we pass on to our children.


Maybe small changes and an increased knowledge in children and young people can create something positive and long-term regarding the view of people with disabilities? The children's book I wrote cannot do all that. But it may be a small part of the important work of spreading knowledge and shaping future generations.

It is so nice to read my new children's book together with my daughter Livia 10 year old. She likes both the text and the pictures!

I asked what Livia thought was important about the book? She said it is good that children and adults can read it together.

"And that it's okay to be your own way!"

My autobiography "Armless ...." became an audiobook and was released in early 2019. To read and record an audiobook was a challenge that required a lot. I am happy, humble and grateful for the opportunity I was given. At the same time proud of what I have created.

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