Since 2001, Mikael Andersson has been a motivational speaker in
front of 100,000s of people.
His lectures are about resources and opportunities in life.
And about inspiration.
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"I want to convey something that affects and changes people's views of themselves and what is really possible"
Born without arms and legs, Mikael is married and has four children. He is also self-employed and one of Sweden, Norway and Finland's most popular speakers.
Throughout his life, he has had to fight for things that others have taken for granted.

Inspiration and new perspective

In his inspiring and appreciated lectures, he speaks about courage, normality, motivation and a strong drive to achieve goals and realize his dreams.

Seriousness and difficulties are mixed with humor and joy in sharp throws.


You can expect a very personal lecture where Mikael uses many examples from his challenges in everyday life to convey his message.


But not a human being leaves the hall without being deeply affected.


Feedback from the audience

"I'm sitting on the bus now on my way back from your lecture and I want to thank you for everything you said today. I had intended to go ahead and do it face to face, but did not feel I could do it. To begin with , thank you for giving me the inspiration I needed to dare to think big. Now I dare to take the next step and see that there is a future in what I want most.

You have completely changed my approach. You could probably say that you have actually changed my worldview. In just under two hours, you have shown me the incredible opportunities we all have. You have blown away my fears completely with your fantastic mindset and attitude and your website will be frequently visited by me so I can be reminded of everything I have experienced today.

My warmest thanks ".