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Are you going to wait again, for another 10 years?

"If you knew in 2008 what you know now about crypto's, would you have bought Bitcoin for €0,11?

Back then blockchain was a strange technical invention. Cryptocurrency was a fantasy, digital money was strange.

But you know better now. It will happen. Very soon you will pay in every shop with your phone, no bank, very fast and cheap. Because the banks already made a lot of money off of you

You also know that mining requires a lot of electricity, that a Bitcoin transaction can take very long and can be very expensive. So do you think it will become a frequently used form of payment?

DAGcoin took care of all those little problems. We have our own platform with pre-defined coins

(so no expensive mining), it's super fast and cheap and we're at the beginning of a new financial era.

And you can buy DAGcoin now for only €0,65.

Or are you going to wait again, for another 10 years?


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